Junior Assistant/Asst Grade II and Civil Police Officer examinations based Mock test started


Information is wisdom.and knowledge is everlasting. In today's world of competition where a job becomes a dream and a govt.Job a mirage, we assure you of our gk capsules that will mould you into that real potential in this competitive era.For that we are opening before you a collection of Knowledge based on kerala psc previous questions,keralapsc frequently asked questions and all kerala psc question and answers.Learning is a conscious effort which can fade along the passage of time but acquisition of knowledge is an everlasting phenomenon which will help you all through your life.Welcoming you to this whole aura of gk questions beneficial for each psc exam you take savouring and quenching your thirst for more and more knowledge in every field of study.

Weekly 5 questions

Lemon - Citric Acid

Tea - Tannic Acid

Tomato - Oxalic Acid

Apple - Malic Acid

Orange - Citric Acid

Longest river of South America - Amazon

Longest river of Asia - Yangtze

Longest river of Africa - Nile

Longest river of Australia - Murray

Longest river of Europe - Volga

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